Wood Cross Memorial Marker in Walnut
Wood Cross Memorial Marker in Cherry
Wood Cross Memorial Marker in Maple
Wood Species for Temporary Crosses
Wood Cross Memorial Marker in Oak

Hardwood Cross Memorial Marker

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Wood's Up Design offers a beautiful but cost-effective way to memorialize your loved ones. Our grave markers are handmade of solid hardwood and are offered in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, and Maple in three different sizes with your choice of nameplate color and three lines of engraving. Each memorial cross grave marker has beveled edges and is finished with an exterior stain & satin marine finish to help protect it from the elements.

Most stone or marble headstones cannot be fitted for at least 6 months but in most situations, our wooden crosses can be fitted immediately, providing a focus for your visits. If using as a temporary memorial grave marker, it gives time to select an appropriate permanent tribute to your loved one.