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Wood's Up Design offers a beautiful and cost effective way to memorialize your loved ones. Our grave markers are hand made for your loved one of solid furniture grade hardwood and are offered in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, and Maple, in three different sizes, with the smallest size perhaps for garden memorials for the beloved pet, as a pet memorial grave marker. Each memorial cross grave marker is beautifully handcrafted of the solid hardwood of your choice, with beveled edges, with an exterior stain and satin marine finish to help protect it from the elements. We also provide either a silver or gold plate affixed to the marker, with your choice of three lines for engraving. (You can also choose a blank plate to engrave at a later time if you wish.)

We now offer crosses made from high-density, polyethylene, recycled plastic. Our plastic crosses are engineered to look new for years and last for decades with very low maintenance. This product will never need to be stained, sealed or painted. Colors span throughout the material and are made with special UV inhibitors which resist fading for years. You can use these memorial markers with confidence that you are purchasing one of the finest materials available for tough environments and long term exposure to the elements. Available now in White, Cedar & Pink, with more color choices to come.

We genuinely understand the stress and expense that bereavement can cause, and the need to provide a fitting tribute to your loved one can be an added pressure. Not everyone can afford a grave stone or headstone. The family may need to save money in order to buy the headstone or just need a temporary grave marker or temporary memorial marker until the headstone is finished. We have been there. That's why we are dedicated to offering your family a quality product at a reasonable price for families in their time of need.

Most stone or marble headstones cannot be fitted for at least 6 months, but in most situations our wooden crosses can be fitted immediately, providing a focus for your visits. If you do plan on using as a temporary memorial grave marker, this gives time to select an appropriate permanent tribute to your loved one. Many of our customers choose to have our grave marker wood or plastic crosses become their permanent grave marker and decorate them for the seasons.

  • Cherry Memorial Crosses in Three Sizes
  • Maple Memorial Crosses
  • Walnut Memorial Grave Marker
  • Oak Grave Cross Memorial Marker
  • Cherry Standing Memorial Cross
  • Standing Wood Cross with Keepsake Vial
  • White Plastic Memorial Marker
  • Walnut Pet Memorial Marker
  • Pink Plastic Memorial Marker
  • Garden Stake Pet Memorial Marker
  • Cedar Plastic Memorial Marker
  • Oak Cross Memorial Grave Marker
  • Roadside Memorial Marker
  • Custom Wooden Cross Memorial Marker

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Solid hardwood memorial cross grave markers; pet memorial grave markers, standing memorial crosses made in the USA. New PVC plastic memorial road markers and crosses. All engraved.

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